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Topic of water pipe with specialized friend
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Topic of water pipe with specialized friend

Update:2017-11-20   View(s):675   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe

Admin: Hello, can I help you? Do you need the price quotation of water steel pipe?

Sara: How many types of water steel pipe you have?

Admin: We have seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe as well as the SSAW steel pipe for water transportation.


Sara: And what’s the difference for these different types of water steel pipe?

Admin: Okay, the cost of seamless steel pipe would be higher than other steel pipes like the ERW steel pipe and SSAW steel pipe for the accurate skill making it. Of course, we choose water steel pipes according to different corrosion situation. And can I get some basic information about your water transportation?

Sara: Like?

Admin: 3PE corrosion steel pipe, TEPE corrosion steel pipe and so on. We need to choose the right one according to the corrosion products.

Sara: Thanking you for your answer and I would like to check the situation my boss needs.