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Three ways to clean industrial steel pipes
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Three ways to clean industrial steel pipes

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Three ways to clean industrial steel pipes

Update:2023-03-13   View(s):267   Keywords :Three ways to clean industrial steel pipes
Three ways to clean industrial steel pipes: sponge projectile cleaning, chemical agent, water cleaning comparison

Industrial steel pipelines need regular maintenance. Dirty steel pipelines also need to be cleaned in time. However, there are many ways to clean steel pipelines on the market. Are you confused about how to choose a steel pipeline cleaning method?

The pneumatic steel pipe cleaning method saves time and effort. It uses compressed air to send a sponge projectile that is 10% larger than the inner diameter of the pipe. The sponge projectile will move along the inner wall of the steel pipe at high speed, and rub the steel pipe wall fully and strongly to clean the steel pipe wall. If the pipe does not change in diameter, a pipe can be cleaned in a few seconds. The sponge has good elasticity and is not limited by the shape of the pipe, and can be freely deformed in the pipe. 90-degree angle, "T"-shaped joints, chain-shaped, "U"-shaped steel pipes, and serpentine multi-bend pipes can all be fully launched into the water, making up for the shortcomings of high-pressure water and chemical cleaning.

Chemical flushing of steel pipelines uses cleaning agents for flushing, which is easy to corrode steel pipelines and will leave cleaning agent residues. Physical methods are relatively better. Temporary transformation of steel pipelines can be carried out, and circular chemical cleaning can be carried out from both ends of steel pipelines with temporary steel pipelines and circulating pump stations. This technology has the characteristics of strong flexibility, no requirement on the shape of steel pipes, fast speed, and thorough cleaning.

High-pressure water cleaning: Use high-pressure water jets above 50Mpa to perform high-pressure water jet stripping and cleaning on the dirt on the inner surface of steel pipes. This technology is mainly used for short-distance steel pipelines, and the diameter of steel pipelines must be greater than 50cm. The technology has the characteristics of high speed and low cost.

The above are the three common cleaning methods in industrial steel pipeline cleaning. After a detailed comparison, the sponge projectile cleaning method has fast cleaning speed, simple operation, and low cost, which is still very cost-effective.