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What is the non-destructive testing of steel pipelines
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What is the non-destructive testing of steel pipelines

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What is the non-destructive testing of steel pipelines

Update:2023-03-15   View(s):21   Keywords :What is the non-destructive testing of steel pipelines
Non-destructive testing of steel pipelines refers to the use of some advanced testing equipment to detect the defects of pipelines, such as pipeline CCTV detection robots, QV video detectors, sonar detectors, and other high-tech products can well complete the damage to urban underground drainage pipes In the detection work, the CCTV detection robot can record and take pictures in 360° underground without dead angle, and return the picture to the ground control terminal in real-time.

The QV video detector can obtain high-definition internal image information of the pipeline, and at the same time, it can also be equipped with a laser ranging module to measure the distance between the defect location and the wellhead.

The sonar detector can calculate the three-dimensional model of the pipeline by integrating the collected data when the pipeline is full of water or half-pipe water and does not have the conditions to drain and display it to the operator.

Through this equipment and on-site operators, problems in the pipeline can be found at a faster speed, providing a reliable basis for the determination of repairing, dredging, and cleaning pipeline plans, and providing the scientific and effective basis for pipeline construction completion acceptance and takeover status.

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