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What is the production process of the steel reducer
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What is the production process of the steel reducer

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What is the production process of the steel reducer

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The reducing pipe is a kind of reducing pipe fittings used in the reducing diameter of the pipeline. The production and processing of the reducing pipe are produced by pressing the diameter of the compressed diameter, expanding the diameter of the pipe, or reducing the diameter and expanding the diameter of the pipe. The tube blank with the same diameter as the big end of the steel reducer is put into the forming die, and the metal moves along the die cavity and shrinks to form by pressing along the axial direction of the tube blank. According to the size of the diameter of the steel reducer, it is divided into one pressing Forming or multiple press forming. Only the specifications and models of the steel reducer are greatly different, and multiple press forming is used. For example, if the steel reducer DN400 is changed to DN273, multiple press forming is required. Some special specifications and models have different diameters. The pipes are formed by stamping. In addition to using steel pipes as raw materials to produce steel reducers, the steel reducers of some specifications can also be produced with steel plates using a stamping forming process. The shape of the die used for stretching is designed concerning the size of the inner surface of the steel reducer, and the blanked steel plate is punched and stretched with a die. Large-diameter steel reducers are formed by welding, and butt-welded steel reducers are rolled and formed using steel plates and then welded. Many butt-welded steel reducers and butt-welded large and small heads of special materials need to be annealed after they are manufactured. Perform flaw detection to see if the steel reducer has pores.

This is the production and processing technology of several steel reducers. The roundness of the steel reducer should not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the corresponding end, and the allowable deviation is ±3mm. The steel reducer (large and small head) is a kind of pipe fitting used in the reducing diameter of the pipeline. The commonly used forming processes are reducing diameter pressing, expanding diameter pressing or diameter reducing and expanding diameter pressing, and stamping can also be used for reducing pipes of certain specifications.

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