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Development Direction of Spiral Welded Pipe
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Development Direction of Spiral Welded Pipe

Update:2017-08-01   View(s):1444   Keywords :spiral welded pipe,ssaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe
The main development direction of spiral welded pipe production:
Due to higher bearing pressure of pipeline, conditions of use is increasingly strict, and try to prolong the service life of pipeline, so the spiral welded pipe main development directions are:

(1) the production of large diameter thick wall pipe in order to improve the compression capacity;

(2) the design and manufacture the new structure of steel pipe, such as double spiral welded pipe, with thickness of tube wall half of the strip steel welded into a double tube, not only the intensity is higher than the same thickness of the single-pipe and will not appear brittle failure;

(3) the development of new steel grade, raise the level of smelting technology, the widespread adoption of controlled rolling and heat treatment process after rolling, in order to constantly improve the strong toughness and welding performance of the pipe body;

(4) develop the coating tube, such as on the inner wall of the pipe are coated with anti-corrosive coating, not only can prolong the service life, and can improve the smoothness of the lining, reduce the fluid friction resistance, reduce the wax deposition and dirt, decrease The Times of pigging and reduce maintenance costs.

It is mainly used for pipelines, pile and some structural pipe.

Specifications: outer diameter from 300 ~ 3660mm, wall thickness from 3.2 ~ 25.4mm.

The characteristics of the spiral welded pipe production are:

(1) can be used the same width of the strip in the production of a variety of outside diameter of tubing;

(2) pipe straightness is good, size is accurate, both inside and outside spiral weld increased the tube body rigidity, so after welding, sizing and straightening process are not necessary;

(3) easy to realize mechanization, automation and continuous production;

(4) it has smaller size, less investment and faster construction compared with the other equipment of similar size;

(5) compared with same dimensions of Longitudinal welded pipe, the weld on the pipes per unit length is longer, and therefore have relatively low productivity.

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