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In What Areas can China and Britain Cooperate?
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In What Areas can China and Britain Cooperate?

Update:2017-07-10   View(s):435   Keywords :Seamlesssteel pipe,ssaw steel pipe,erw steel pipe   

Recently, the legal adviser to the queen of England and Matrix Chambers lawyers group senior adviser to Lord Brennan, published views on the Sino British economic relations.As the ERW steel pipe, LSAW pipe, ssaw steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, excellent production services.Today, shinestar and everyone concerned with Britain and China can cooperate in what areas.

Lord Brennan believes that the greatest opportunity for China and Britain is to continue to cooperate in many fields, making full use of science and technology and thinking about how to use these science and technology to benefit the people of the twenty-first Century.

Between the two countries to cooperate, can make full use of modern technology and the power of knowledge, make the world more people benefit.Now, the British developed many first-class universities, which set up the system of knowledge and science and technology to promote the economic development.

As for the specific areas of bilateral cooperation can be achieved, Brennan introduced the four aspects:

The first is the traffic. Electric cars and hybrid vehicles and unmanned vehicles is the development direction in the future,Brennan also quoted scientists said that electric vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, can help reduce the use of 80% gasoline, and can reduce the casualty rate of 90%.He further said that in London each street has a charging pile, and electric cars are not the Chinese and charging equipment match well, China can draw inspiration from these aspects and in-depth development.

Second cooperation opportunities for renewable energy.The world leading manufacturing silicon plate Chinese, now there are many companies, schools and other access to the sun by the heat the silicon plate.Renewable energy can avoid the pollution caused by traditional energy production, on the other hand can also reduce the cost.So the photovoltaic solar energy supply network access, and applied to the whole country, the development potential is very large.

The third area is the use of water resources.Water resources are important both in China and in britain.The desalination of seawater and fresh water, if not used to the city, can also be used to agricultural water, which is crucial for the development of production.In addition, there are water purification, the human health and the social health.

Above, transportation, renewable energy, water resources are very basic, Chinese important areas of British influence, the daily life of the people, need to work together to achieve the success of cooperation.In addition, Brennan stressed on the Sino British cooperation, the health sector is worthy of attention. He believes in health detection, monitoring and tracking the change, should follow the road of scale, reduce the cost of allowing more people to manage their own health.About the health industry business information should be fully spread. Our two countries should promote exchanges and cooperation in these areas.Brennan said, in Chinese "13th Five-Year" plan, attaches great importance to innovation, and China for making annual GDP growth target, the creation of employment, the rural population out of poverty and so on all sides, can have some good experience to share with the world.

In short, the UK has a very broad development in the future, shinestar will continue to pay close attention to the Sino British cooperation dynamic, grasp the development opportunities for the steel industry,continue to produce high carbon steel pipe,ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe, seamless steel pipe,and other products for shinestar international market development and the development of cooperation between China and Britain to cheer.