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The G20 Summit Agreed on Free Trade
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The G20 Summit Agreed on Free Trade

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The two-day summit of the group of twenty (G20) leaders in Hamburg closed at 8 local time.The US President Trump's "America first" position has made negotiations difficult and divided G20 on some issues.But in the efforts of all parties, the Hamburg summit reached "the leaders of the group of twenty Hamburg summit communique".As an excellent production services products such as carbon steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,erw steel pipe,spiral welded pipe and so on, shinestar share with you the results of the G20 summit.

German Chancellor Merkel said at a news conference at the end of the G20 summit 8, that the group of twenty agreed on free trade, but failed to reach agreement on the climate change Paris agreement.International market research experts believe that G20 members can unanimously support free trade commendable, after all efforts, the United States at least in name, form back on track.Otherwise, economic globalization will not only be difficult to upgrade, but may even be relegated to a downgrade.The communique pointed out that the group of twenty will keep the market open and continue to resist trade protectionism, including unfair trade practices.The communique also said that the approval of "legitimate trade defense tools", which stands for the world cast a "tariff" shadow.peaking at a news conference,Merkel said the key role for the protection of protectionism was the international trade system, represented by the WTO and established on the rules.This is meant to emphasise that countries that think they are being unfairly treated must comply with WTO rules.

In April of this year, the government trump on the basis of the trade expansion act of 1962 section 232 - authorized the ministry of commerce is imported steel and aluminium products whether damage U.S. national security to start the survey, is expected to the survey results will be announced soon.Trump on "national security" in the name of an attack, caused widespread controversy.Experts believe that the United States plans to impose punitive tariffs on imported steel products, not just for China, but also against France, Japan and South Korea.If it does, then the global economy will be in a state of disorder, and not even the risk of a partial trade war.European commission President jean-claude juncker stressed at the G20 summit that the European Union would respond immediately if the us imposed punitive tariffs on imports of steel from Europe.In response to the global overcapacity problem, the communique urged the process of accelerating the Global Forum on steel overcapacity, set up at the Hangzhou Summit.Members are called upon to fulfill their commitments to enhance information sharing and cooperation by August 2017.The communique said that G20 expects to form a substantive report on specific policy proposals by November, and in 2018 to produce a follow-up report.

Ministry of Commerce on July 6th introduced that, in 2016, China's actual withdrawal of iron and steel production capacity of over 65 million tons, in 2017 also plans to reduce steel production capacity of 50 million tons.To provide advice, heads of state of China and the United States, when they met in Hamburg agreed the first comprehensive economic dialogue will be held on July 19, and has made important progress in "one hundred plan", on the basis of discussions year cooperation plan. This has made tentative progress in china-us trade cooperation, thus reducing the risk of trade war.

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