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What are the main points of choosing anticorrosive steel pipe manufacturers?

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-15        View(s) : 1

China's anti-corrosion pipeline industry is developing rapidly. With the interest in the Internet, buyers and manufacturers are more online communication and exchanges. Facing various anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturers in the market, it can be described as dazzling. The real anti-corrosion ...

Characteristics and advantages of pipeline transportation of refined oil in petroleum casing pipes

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-14        View(s) : 21

The refined oil pipelines in petroleum pipelines are mainly used to transport refined petroleum products to petroleum sales companies, or pipelines that transport semi-refined petroleum products to refining and chemical enterprises. The solidification point of the refined oil is relatively low, ...

Method for detecting leakage of galvanized steel pipe underground water supply pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-13        View(s) : 36

1. Confirm the leaking section by closing the valve and observe the ground to confirm the leaking point. Confirm that the valve can be closed completely. According to our experience, more than 70% of domestic valves, especially those installed after 1,2 years, are difficult to close. If ...

Hot-dip galvanizing 10 questions (2)

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-10        View(s) : 1

[6]Q: What are the main reasons for the zinc layer to fall off? A: The zinc layer has poor adhesion, and the zinc layer falls off in the area of severe deformation during stamping. Countermeasures: Ensure that the hot-dip galvanizing process is normal; reasonable ...

What causes the zinc consumption of stainless steel welded wire mesh to increase

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-09        View(s) : 43

After the production of stainless steel welded wire mesh is completed, the hot-dip galvanizing process is usually used to improve the corrosion resistance. However, there are many factors in this process leading to a significant increase in zinc consumption, which needs to be improved. 1...

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