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Lifetime of SAWH steel pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-05        View(s) : 2114

The lifetime of  SAWH steel pipe  has relationship with decarburization, if the surface decarburize, surface strength and wear resistance will reduce the direct impact on the life of daily use. In the heat treatment process, it should be to try not to let the inner and outer wal...

2016:The change in Chinese steel

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-04        View(s) : 1960

2016 is approaching the end of the blink of an eye.In 2016, Chinese iron and steel industry has experienced great change in a year, the actual situation and we predicted last year have a lot of difference, today shinestar Steel Research Institute to talk about the change of China's iron and steel in...

General Material Requirements for Piling Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-04        View(s) : 2072

In recent years, the application of piling pipe around the common, more and more large diameter pile, the current maximum diameter of the pile pipe has been produced to 3620mm, in the coastal, river, Lake area is widely used. Offshore deepwater wharf project in domestic coastal has been large-s...

Shinestar interpretate of China's steel industry development trend

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-02        View(s) : 1903

Steel industry as the most important basic material, not only plays an important role in supporting to the healthy development of the downstream industry, also for the development of the upstream industry plays a critical role. Both China's economy and the global economy, the steel industry is ...

API product catalog

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-02        View(s) : 2287

API American Petroleum Institute standard --API (American Petroleum Institute) abbreviation. API was built in 1919, is one of the first US national Chamber of Commerce Association, is also one of the earliest and most successful developing worldwide standards Commerce Association. API Monogram ...

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