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API product catalog

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-02        View(s) : 2256

API American Petroleum Institute standard --API (American Petroleum Institute) abbreviation. API was built in 1919, is one of the first US national Chamber of Commerce Association, is also one of the earliest and most successful developing worldwide standards Commerce Association. API Monogram ...

Welded pipes for fire fighting applications

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-01        View(s) : 1992

Welded pipe  for fire fighting means for fire safety, fire-fighting equipment, transport fire extinguishing water, gas pipeline or other media material. As the fire pipeline is normally in a quiescent state, and more stringent requirements for the pipeline, the pipeline needs to pres...

Advantages of Submerged Arc Welding Helical pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-01        View(s) : 2066

In the  SAWH steel pipe  production process and the use, there are invented a lot of excellent welding and methods of production, greatly contributed to the steady and rapid development of the industry, but also makes this industry has been optimized in development. Which submerged ...

Belt And Road impact on steel industry

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-30        View(s) : 2041

Shinestar Steel Research Institute believes that China's era of rapid economic growth has gone for ever, which makes the steel industry has experienced the middle adjustment pains low growth in the past five years, and future growth continued to slow down will become an indisputable fact.Theref...

Carbon Steel Pipe Classification

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-30        View(s) : 2116

Carbon steel pipe is a hollow steel bar, a large number of pipes for transporting fluids such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam, etc. In addition, engaged in bending,  torsional strength, lighter, so it widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. Als...

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