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Let's talk about steel

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We recognise that, because of its critical role, people are interested in steel and the effect it has on the global economy. We are committed to being open, honest and transparent in all our communications about our industry, its performance and the impact we have. Key facts: ...

Chinese steel output rebounds in August; Demand limps

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The latest data released by the country’s National Bureau of Statistics indicates that Chinese crude steel output rebounded during the month of August this year. This is the sixth consecutive month that the crude steel production has registered increase month-on-month. However, the finished steel ou...

SSAW stocklist new quotation in September 19th

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Item  Des Standard Material Size Quantity Remark FOB CHINA ...

Steel is used in all areas of renewable energy.

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Biomass: steel is used extensively in agriculture. Solar: steel plays a key role in converting solar energy into electricity or hot water. It is used as a base for solar thermal-panels and in pumps, tanks and heat exchangers. Wave and tidal: a steel pile is the main component of a tidal turbine ...

US Steel shipments down 3.6 percent in July

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The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) reported that for the month of July 2016, U.S. steel mills shipped 7,352,698 net tons, a 3.6 percent decrease from the 7,628,953 net tons shipped in the previous month, June 2016, and a 3.2 percent decrease from the 7,591,897 net tons shipped in July 2015...

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