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How to Choose the SAWH Steel Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-02        View(s) : 2071

Usage of spiral steel pipe is relatively high, the application is very wide, it should be how to choose before in the selection to pay attention to quality. The first method is a more professional detection method, that is, by the strength of the pressure vessel to be detected. Commonly,...

The Use of Different Kinds of Straight Seam Steel Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-02        View(s) : 1833

Straight seam steel pipe can be divided into general steel pipe, galvanized pipe, oxygen blowing pipe, wire casing, metric, deep well pump pipe, welded pipe roller automobile with a variety of pipe, pipe welding transformer, special tubes, welded thin-wall pipe and spiral welded pipe and steel pipe,...

Spiral Welding

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-01        View(s) : 2012

Spiral welding refers strip or plate bending round, square and other shapes and then welded into the surface of the steel pipe seams. Welding methods can be divided according to different arc welded pipe, high-frequency or low frequency electric resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, stove ...

The Development Trend of The API 5L Steel Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-01        View(s) : 1762

The energy market background, especially the construction of long distance natural gas pipeline to promote the development of API 5L steel pipe , the current market, domestic and international market demand for domestic oil and gas pipelines of about 8000000 T, the amount of annual suppl...

API 5L welded steel pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-29        View(s) : 2016

API early in 1926 released by the American Petroleum Institute (API)  API-5L   standard, initially including three steel grade A25, A, B, and later released several times. Prior to 2000, the worldwide use X70, about 40%, X65, X60 are in the 30%, a considerable number of small-c...

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