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Steel Pipe Application in Ocean Engineering, Water Engineering: Piling Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-26        View(s) : 1412

Tube has been widely application in ocean engineering. Ship and ocean engineering system demand roughly three types of steel pipe: steel pipe, structure used in the steel pipe in the conventional system and special purpose steel pipe. 1. The steel pipe in the conventional system Different ship a...

Breakthrough industry, production capacity is top priority

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-26        View(s) : 1987

From 2016 to productivity level, the steel industry to capacity effect have been revealed. Like serial games, capacity to affect the price of the iron and steel, steel prices led to the performance of the listed steel companies, steel enterprise performance stabilization after someone willing t...

SAWH Steel Pipe Welding Joint

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-25        View(s) : 2034

Double-sided submerged arc  SAWH  steel pipe  is that arc method is welding under flux layer, and formed is that the heat generated by the burning of the arc between the  wire and flux in the flux layer and melting of the wire solder and base metal.As for the following...

Coal Mine Steel Market volatility in 2017, You Must Guard Against the Risk

Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-25        View(s) : 1936

Review of China's steel prices in 2016, has experienced a rise in the first quarter, falling in the second quarter, third quarter concussion rose slightly, began shock rise into the fourth quarter, the overall profit has got improvement. According to the current raw material product price compa...


Keywords :        Update : 2016-12-25        View(s) : 2070

API 5L Standard aims to gas and water in oil and gas industry for reference, which is used for seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe,including common port and port, pipe socket port and direct stream tube (TFL) and port has for a particular connection tube processing. API 5L Stand...

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