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Welding Technology and Packaging Methods of Spiral Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-05        View(s) : 1877

Such as  spiral steel pipe  weld gap is too large, the effect of cuts constituting nearby, eddy current lack of heat, weld crystal adverse indirect co-occurrence of cracks or lack of fusion; if the gap is too small, the effect is increased near constitute, excessive heat weldin...

How to implement the 2017 steel industry supply and demand balance again?

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-04        View(s) : 1842

Steel market experience like a roller coaster in the first half of 2016,, prices exploded  after the Spring Festival, continue to rise for two months, then appear cliffs down, to  go back to previous lows. And in the second half of the year, steel market steady growth.  Widesprea...

Carbon Steel Weldability

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-04        View(s) : 2026

Welding means for welding materials under defined conditions for the construction of a member according to the design requirements, and the ability to meet the requirements of the predetermined service. By welding materials, welding, component type and use requirements affecting four factors.&n...

President Speech December 10, 2016

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-03        View(s) : 1867

Innovation is an action to keeping up with the forefront of the market. Many companies in order to do innovation regardless of cost, which leads to out of the market and eventually hit the wall. In fact, the premise of innovation is based on the company reality, to research the market and learn...

SSAW Stocklist New Quotation in January 4, 2017

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-03        View(s) : 1819

This quotation is just for your reference,more details welcome to contact with us by  sales@srtsteelpipe.com   Item  Des Standard Material Size ...

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