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U.S Steel Stocks Keep Rising.

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-23        View(s) : 1853

It's reported that U.S. Steel stock added 11.9% on Tuesday, closing near a two-year high. AK Steel stock up by 0.7% and Olympic Steel surged 16%. The prices of steel and its raw materials soared hit their trade limits in China as investors returned to the market to pick up s...

Steel Tube Classification

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-23        View(s) : 1364

1、according to production methods classification (1)seamless pipe - hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold-drawn tubes, extruded tubes, pipe jacking (2) Welded Pipe (a)in accordance with sub-processes - arc welded pipe, ERW pipe (high frequency, low frequen...

SSAW Steel Pipe Weld Defect and Detection

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-22        View(s) : 1321

Because  ssaw steel pipe  can be made by a coil width continuous forming welding production, easy automation, and using double-sided automatic submerged arc welding type, there are a variety of testing method to check weld quality assurance checks. Therefore, when laying oil pipel...

The price of steel board,welded steel pipe and galvanized pipe increases slightly

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-22        View(s) : 1876

In November, rising steel prices have already beyond the forecast of the market. In the  first week ,the billet price rose to 2410 yuan/ton from 2310 yuan/ton, rose has been  flat. The expert thinks, although in the short term profiles continuously to create the  market high pric...

Piling Pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2016-11-21        View(s) : 81

Piling Pipe   is widely used in coastal, river, lake area. Offshore deepwater terminal project in the country have also been large-scale construction in coastal areas, and as a major deep-water dock pile bearing capacity, generally use the large diameter spiral weld pipe, in addition...

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