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Spiral Steel Pipe Rust Treatment

Keywords :SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe        Update : 2017-01-18        View(s) : 1664

Spiral steel pipe is not stainless steel tube, not the alloy steel pipe, time is long, the fog and rain weather will rust, to teach you about the spiral steel pipe derusting method below: Spiral steel pipe rust after using a wire brush tool for steel surfaces such as grinding, ...

What is Pipe Welding?

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-15        View(s) : 2252

Pipe welding generally refers to a set of professional skills used for the joining of pieces of metal. Welding is one of the most cost-efficient means of joining multiple sections of pipe and involves heating pieces of metal and joining them so that the resulting product becomes a single piece ...

What Are Differences Between Spiral Welded Pipe and Longitudinal Welded Pipe?

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-12        View(s) : 2118

Differences between spiral welded steel pipe and longitudinal welded pipe are many to be found if you want to use one of them for your project. They are used for different occasions and situations. There are also many types products of steel pipes available that you should know how to...

Scale of China's Steel Exports in 2017 is Still Huge

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-12        View(s) : 2136

China's large number of export scale steel in 2016, attracted the world's major countries trade siege, employ protectionism in succession. Although year-on-year decline in China's steel exports in November, December, and it also is expected to continue slow down. But Shinestar steel researc...

Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipes

Keywords :        Update : 2017-01-11        View(s) : 2268

Spiral welded pipe production by submerged arc method is based on using tandem welding technique for joining inside and outside coil edges, which have been trimmed and beveled by carbide milling for high quality weld structure. Welding of hot rolled steel coils takes spir...

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