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SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe

Difference of Fluid Pipe And Structure Steel Pipe

Keywords :SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe        Update : 2017-02-17        View(s) : 1590

Fluid pipe is a hollow section, from the beginning to the end no  welded pipe . With steel pipe manufacturing annular parts, can improve material utilization, simplifying the manufacturing process, material saving and processing time, such as rolling bearing ring, jack sets, at present...

SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe

The Self-regulation Ability of China's Economic Can't be Discounted

Keywords :SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe        Update : 2017-02-16        View(s) : 1512

In the past we always worry about the policy can not remove the production capacity, and overcapacity long-term suppression the growth of economic. Shinestar Group believes that from the view of operation, it is optimistic, because many industries have been over through the power of the market to g...

SAWH steel pipe ,Welded pipe,SSAW steel pipe

Weld Joint Treatment of SAWH Steel Pipe

Keywords :SAWH steel pipe ,Welded pipe,SSAW steel pipe        Update : 2017-02-16        View(s) : 1667

THREEWAY STEEL  supply a wide range of welded pipe. We mainly focus on SSAW(SAWH).  SAWH steel pipe   is a strip coil for raw materials, often warm extrusion, with automatic double-sided submerged arc welding process wire spiral  welded pipe &nb...

Welded  Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,,SSAW Steel Pipe

ERW, LSAW, SSAW and Other Welded Steel Pipe, What Does That Mean?

Keywords :Welded Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,,SSAW Steel Pipe        Update : 2017-02-15        View(s) : 1520

Now there are many types of steel tubes, each type of steel pipe is a different name, the following will be introduced to the next common.ERW  welded pipe : the high frequency ERW pipe, the hot rolled wide volume as raw material, after pre bending, forming, welding, heat treatment, diame...

Piling Pipe,SSAW steel pipe,welded pipe,sawh steel pipe

Types of Piling pipe

Keywords :Piling Pipe,SSAW steel pipe,welded pipe,sawh steel pipe        Update : 2017-02-15        View(s) : 1766

While all of the different piling methods involve driving pipes, different soil conditions and structural needs lend themselves better to different types of  piling pipe . Here is an overview of some of the most common: Unplugged Open-Ended – These pipes are completely open ended. A...

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