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Welded  Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,,SSAW Steel Pipe

China Welded Steel Pipe Market Has Good Prospects

Keywords :Welded Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,,SSAW Steel Pipe        Update : 2017-02-04        View(s) : 1516

Welded steel pipe  is made of steel belt or steel plate and bended into deformation shapes such as round, square and so on, whose surface is jointed. Since the 30s of last century, with the rapid development of high-quality strip steel rolling production and technology of welding and ...

SAWH Steel Pipe

SAWH Steel Pipe

Keywords :SAWH Steel Pipe        Update : 2017-02-04        View(s) : 1

As the China foremost welded pipe manufacturing enterprise, Threeway Steel welded steel pipe comes with large diameter, high steel grade, heavy wall thickness and excellent performance, ideal for oil and gas transmission. The SAWH steel pipe manufactured in one-step proc...

The Way of Reform is The Fundamental

Reduce The Burden of Enterprise: The Way of Reform is The Fundamental

Keywords :The Way of Reform is The Fundamental        Update : 2017-02-03        View(s) : 1507

China's fiscal science research institute, said at the annual meeting of the strategy of social science college of finance and economics to solve the existing problems of enterprise comprehensive heavy burden not only rely on lower taxes, must want to promote all aspects of system reform, Shine...

sawh steel pipe,welded pipe,ssaw steeel pipe

Small-diameter SAWH Steel Pipe Inspection Methods

Keywords :sawh steel pipe,welded pipe,ssaw steeel pipe        Update : 2017-01-30        View(s) : 1491

Small-diameter  SAWH Steel Pipe  inspection method is as follows: 1, From the face of it, that is visual inspection. Visual inspection of welded joints is a widely used procedure is simple but test method is an important part of product testing, the main defects and size...


SAWH Steel Pipe Yield Stress Advantage

Keywords :Welded pipe,SAWH STEEL PIPE,SSAW STEEL PIPE        Update : 2017-01-29        View(s) : 1409

SAWH steel pipe in the construction industry have an indelible contribution, generally used as piling pipe , it is not only the main force of civil construction, the building of the modern hero. Urban renewal, environmental control and many other aspects are present in its presence. ...

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