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hot rolling

Advantages of hot rolling

Keywords :        Update : 2015-11-30        View(s) : 1864

(1) Hot rolling can  reduce the energy consumption and reduce costs significantly. When hot rolled, high plasticity and low deformation resistance of metal can reduce the energy consumption.  (2) Hot rolling can improve the processing performance of metal and alloy, the casting o...

Difference between SMLS steel pipe and welded steel pipe

Keywords :        Update : 2015-11-26        View(s) : 1904

1. Appearance; Welded steel pipe have a welding line on the inner wall but seamless have no. 2. Pressure; Pressure of seamless pipe is higher. Generally welded pipe is around 10 MPa, and have welded pipe seamless process. 3.Welded pipe is completed by cold rolling system, high frequency we...

Welded Steel Pipe From 5 Nations Faces Import Duties

Keywords :        Update : 2015-11-24        View(s) : 1811

The Department of Commerce yesterday announced the initiation of anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations of imports of circular welded, carbon-quality, steel pipe from Pakistan and anti-dumping investigations of imports of the same merchandise from Oman, the Philippines, the United A...

Summary of CEO in November

Keywords :        Update : 2015-11-23        View(s) : 1968

However,in front of 2015, it is a big challenge for us. For now, our challenge now is double; On the one hand, economic rights speed slow. On the other hand, from the marketing, research and  development, production, logistics, and the impact to the enterprise management. Five tips ...

Platts, TSI Prices chosen to settle the new LME Scrap and Steel Futures contracts

Keywords :        Update : 2015-11-23        View(s) : 1804

The London Metal Exchange (LME) is utilizing Platts and TSI's physical market price assessments for steel reinforcing bar (rebar) and steel scrap, respectively, to settle and clear two new ferrous futures contracts launched on Monday.  Platts, a leading global provider of energy, metals an...

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